Yoga Classes

Is Yoga For You?
Yoga is frequently used word in our society but how do you know what type of yoga is better for you? Here we the ideal way to accept the practice of yoga into your life is to find a teacher to connect with. The relationship between Guru and sisya is the essence of yoga, especially, when compared to others physical activities. In today’s extensive yoga market, it is a challenge to create a quality relationship with a teacher. With our instruction you can create a sustainable yoga practice that is designed just for you.

Where do classes take place?
We are a mobile yoga studio. We offer private classes or classes in group setting. All we need is an open, quit and relaxing environment.

Do I need a lot of space to practice yoga?
You only need enough space to comfortablly lay out a yoga mat.

I'm not in shape, not flexible. I am a beginner.
There's Yoga class for you!  A private class is a great place to start. Under the guidance of your instrutor, you will learn the yogic poses, gain inner-confidence and have better flexibility. All you need is enthusiasm and, of course, a yoga mat!

I'm not sure what Yoga class to take?
There are many types of yoga classes. We will find a yoga style that works best for you and your current health.

Can I eat a meal right before class ?
We ask our students NOT to consume large meals within 2 hours  prior to class. Snacks are typically okay. Drinking water is always a good thing.

How often should I practice ?
Yoga is traditionally a daily practice . we recommend a programme of classes which would fit your individual health goals, schedule and budget. We recommend starting with a minimum one class per week. The more committed you can be to your practice, the better you will feel, mentally and physically. We will encourage you to learn the yogic sequences and inspire you to practice yoga both on and off the mat

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